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We have specially created a professional team with high-density contact with the crime scene, and provide you with on-site installation, commissioning, monitoring, repair and maintenance services through more and more service centers.
  • pre-sale service
  • 1. Our company can provide customers with the most complete product introduction and selection information.
  • 2. Professionals provide design solutions and consulting services, recommending products that best suit the actual needs of customers.
  • Sale service
  • 1. Provide users with comprehensive technical support, and provide the most economical and reasonable solution in conjunction with user selection.
  • 2. Provide users with free training, guide installation and maintenance methods, and determine the best solution.
  • 3. We guarantee timely delivery for you in accordance with the delivery period stipulated in the contract.
  • After sales service
  • 1. Provide free product technical consultation and on-site doubt solution;
    2. During the warranty period, the product will be provided with a one-year unpaid warranty service in accordance with national regulations. Outside the warranty period, it will continue to provide life-long services and ensure the long-term and timely supply of accessories;
    3. Commitment: After receiving customer service requirements, we will contact and communicate within 1 hour, complete routine maintenance within 4 hours after arriving at the site, and communicate with customers to implement further service solutions within 1 working day after the first service on the special site. .
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